Our vision

is to build healthy relationships among men and women through Godly mentoring principles.

Our desire is to raise men and women to positions of influence around the world who “Know God and make Him known”.  Through consulting, educational materials, teaching and workshops, we encourage you to search for the truth and discover the freedom that comes from a persistent pursuit of Jesus Christ.

Our process, which is inherent in our work practices, workshops and conferences, will equip you in the disciplines of:

  1. Relationship and Release
    • As you are in a relationship with Jesus Christ, you shall be able to release God’s love to others.
  2. Acceptance and Affirmation
    • As you learn to accept who you are, you shall be able to accept and affirm those around you.
  3. Mentorship and Management
    • As you are mentored, so shall you mentor others.  We will show you how to be “Mangers who Serve and Servants who Manage”.
  4. Abstinence and Accountability
    • As you journey through your Christian walk, you shall learn how to put off the old and put on the new. As you learn to submit, you begin to welcome greater levels of accountability.
  5. Healing and Humility
    • As  you are healed emotionally and spiritually, you shall realize that it was the power of Christ that restored you to wholeness and not simply your own doing.

“Through our process, you will be prepared to enhance your leadership role in business, your community and your places of worship as Godly “Change agents” uniquely challenged and equipped to build His kingdom”.

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Ramah Consulting Ltd is a member of the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening (ANGA).

Barbara Mikus graduated from Briercrest Seminary in April 2022 with her Masters, Christian Ministry degree.