Consulting and Management Workshops 

We let our let shine in the marketplace through the provision of:

  1. Accounting solutions
  2. Procurement expertise

Using real life examples, we illustrate the use of our core disciplines in one day WORKSHOPS which cover topics such as:

  1. HI 5 Management Methods
    1. How to use the “five-fold” biblical principles to build your leadership team
  1. Effective Leadership During Change
    1. Understand reasons for change
    2. Understand stage of Organization’s Growth cycle
    3. Evaluate different leadership styles
    4. What is a “Master Leader”?
  1. Manager and Mentor
    1. Succeeding as a First Time Manager
    2. Performance Management
    3. Mentoring & Coaching Essentials
    4. Facilitation
    5. Conflict Resolution
  1. Stop, Look and Listen
    1. How to turn Problems into Opportunities
    2. Creating Performance measures & critical success factors that respond to your organization’s mission statement.


These workshops can be refined to meet your group’s specific needs

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We are pleased to announce that Barbara graduated from Briercrest Seminary in April 2022 with her Masters, Christian Ministry degree.


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SEPTEMBER 2022 – LADIES BIBLE STUDY Living Waters Fellowship, Mesquite Nevada

Barbara will be leading the Ladies through a study on the Tabernacle entitled “PADDLING IN HIS PRESENCE”


JANUARY 2021 – LADIES BIBLE STUDY Living Waters Fellowship, Mesquite, Nevada

Barbara led the Women through a 12-week series using her soon to be published book, “Paddling With A Purpose – Producing Fruit That Will Last”.