So Why are You Still Paddling?

LEARNING how to TRUST GOD – in positions of LEADERSHIP and in your MARRIAGE

In this sequel to her first book, Barbara focuses only on one subject – how to trust God.  Although we may believe that being in control is better, Barbara proves that knowing when to let go of the paddles and trusting God in every situation results in the best outcomes.

When God asks why we’re still paddling, He is reminding us that we need to trust Him.  We must put down the paddles and let God lead in two of the most significant and difficult areas of our lives – in LEADERSHIP and our MARRIAGES.

This book will provide ten biblical examples of how people trusted God. Each of their situations was different and how they chose to trust God was also different. We are shown that when we’re in a position of leadership or influence, we can still choose to trust God. The second most difficult area to trust God is our relationships, especially our marriages. By surrendering control in these areas, we learn different postures of trusting God.


Who’s Paddling Your Canoe”?”

The journey through our Christian life can be compared to a canoe expedition down a river. During this voyage, we are each passengers with Jesus guiding the vessel. The canoe leaving the shore illustrates salvation. Learning to paddle in the rapids illustrates perseverance. Various stops along the shore illustrate discipleship, forgiveness and trust.

The successful surrender of the paddles at various times indicates who is in control as we learn about other Christian attributes such as patience, honour, love, joy and hope.  Add to this the need for relationships and the desire to be involved in Ministry and the reader will have an exciting journey. Different events along the voyage represent specific stages in our lives when we need to make choices. The results are based upon who is paddling the canoe. The journey can take as long as required or not be completed at all.

Whether you read this book as part of your personal devotions or work through it as part of a Group Bible Study, the reader will be impacted by how the power of God influenced who was ultimately in control of our author’s life.