Available for Speaking Engagements, Conferences and Seminars

For your next women’s event or weekend retreat, invite Barbara to share Godly principles using various themes such as:

  1. Who’s Paddling your Canoe?
    1. A journey of healing and restoration.
  1. So Why are You still Paddling?
    1. Learning how to Trust God in your marriage
    2. Learning how to Trust God in your workplace
  1. Where is the Captain of your Kayak? (a study of Proverbs 31)
    1. Women who Worship
    2. Women who War
    3. Women who Work
    4. Women who Welcome
    5. Women who Weave
  1. Why Dream in your Dinghy?
    1. A study of Biblical Women in Leadership
    2. The creation of God’s “DREAM” team
  1. When God bumps the Boat!
    1. What extraordinary action was your wake up call?
    2. Remember God Used Bad Girls,too!
  1. What’s Caught your Yacht?
    1. Dealing with Fear of change or Stress
    2. Major Life Change, Grieving death, loss of job
  1. Paddling With A Purpose – Producing Fruit That Will Last
    1. How to bear good fruit in your lives

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Barbara Mikus graduated from Briercrest Seminary in April 2022 with her Masters, Christian Ministry degree.